Happy Birthday, America!

From the barbecues and beer, to the fireworks and friends  — the 4th of July is the quintessential holiday of the season, and makes summer, well, summer.  And like most other holidays,  it has snuck up on us. Fortunately, we’re not running around like headless chickens looking for last-minute gifts or costumes, but we are faced with the ever-challenging question: what am I going to wear? If you weren’t able to hit the mall to pick up a Independence Day look, fret not – you can still show your American pride with this adorable red, white & blue make-up look from one of our favorite beauty vloggers, Michelle Phan. It’s the perfect last minute 4th of July idea ever!

Featuring the cutest American flag mani and the most patriotic eyeliner we’ve ever seen, leave it to Michelle to provide us with a simple solution to our procrastination. And, the great thing about a stand-out look like this? It pairs best with a simple tee-and-cutoffs outfit, making your wardrobe choice easy as American pie. The tutorial is posted below, and make sure to check out her other great videos at her YouTube channel here!

What do you think of this last minute 4th of July idea?

Paige is a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and is currently studying Journalism at the University North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Fluent in sarcasm with a severe case of wanderlust, she is a self-proclaimed professional thrifter, long-lost Olsen triplet, and pizza aficionado.