Lady Gaga: ARTPOP

No – we aren’t going to say we’re “Ga-ga for Gaga’s new album artwork.” You know for a fact we can make better puns than that. But to keep it simple, we find it vibrant and refreshing. We haven’t seen Lady Gaga in quite some time. The last we’ve heard, she was forced to cancel the Born this Way Ball tour earlier this year. This was due to an injury which forced her to undergo immediate hip surgery; eliminating the majority of the U.S. tour dates.

But as of yesterday, via Lady Gaga’s twitter, the album artwork for her next project titled ARTPOP was released. We wanted to share it with you and see what you thought.

She’s been lying low lately, but after the announcement was made that she will be performing at the 2013 VMA Awards, she is now surging to the forefront. We’re sure she’ll deliver once again with unique marketing tactics and utilizing her creative team in all the best ways. Did we mention the album is being released as an app? Gaga explains that ARTPOP will not only be an album, but an app in which you can download and experience several different multimedia elements. We’re completely squirming in our seats to see how this innovation will hold with the marketplace and fans.

Alright, so back to the debuted artwork. What do we think of the come back?

Lady GaGa ARTPOP Album Artwork Lady GaGa ARTPOP Album Artwork

Lady GaGa ARTPOP Album Artwork Lady GaGa ARTPOP Album Artwork

We think in these released images, she’s found that line between over-the-top and beautiful imagery. We’re captivated by the colors of her make up in the first image. Undeniably beautiful.

Something else we admired about the release of images, was what she told Women’s Wear Daily:

“[I’m not] defined by the same designer or defined by the same haircut or defined by the same icon. The statement is that I’m not one icon. I’m every icon. I’m an icon that is made out of all the colors on the palette at every time. I have no restrictions. No restrictions.”

We find this so refreshing. She has no restrictions, yet is under the scrutiny of millions. But on the other hand, we find ourselves faced with many restrictions – and are only under scrutiny of a handful. Cheers, Gaga.

Which album art do you like the most?
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