We don’t know know about you, but when head out for lunch, even on our best days, we’re pretty much wearing Forever21, ASOS and Zara gear. But when you’re Kylie Jenner , lunchtime is the perfect time to wear your $1,000 Alexander McQueen shirt.

The celeb posted a photo of herself Thursday to Instagram wearing the shirt that read “Parental Advisory,” and the Daily Mail reported that she wore it to lunch (she was supposedly meeting Jordan Smith). Jenner matched the top with leather pants, black boots and a long blue coat. The 16-year-old also donned black sunglasses and a furry little purse.

And even though we think it’s a bit ridiculous to wear a shirt that’s basically a month’s rent for most of us to go eat a salad or bowl of pasta,  we have to give Jenner props for pulling the look together. She’s definitely coming into her own style. She’s a far cry away from even dressing remotely like her other sisters when they were her age (or so we imagine) —  it’s always interesting to see what she’ll be wearing next.

Plus, maybe this isn’t even hers. She could have borrowed it from her sister, Khloe Kardashian, who wore the exact same one to get a manicure. Imagine spilling some nail polish on that? Dry clean only we imagine. If we owned an article of clothing that expensive, we would probably save it for only very, very special occasions like meeting the President or Beyonce.

kylie jenner

kylie jenner

 images via Daily Mail

Would  you buy a $1,000 shirt?

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