The name Kylie Jenner may ring a bell if you’re as fashion obsessed as we are. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters has two separate joint fashion lines with her sister Kendall. Pacsun houses their “Kendall and Kylie” clothing line, and Nordstrom distributes the shoes and bags they created for the “Kendall and Kylie Madden Girl” line. As of late, Kylie Jenner’s style has been something we’ve become obsessed with recently. Here’s a few reasons why:

Her Brows Make Us Complete

We are having some serious brow-envy over here. Her brows tiptoe along the lines of dramatic and natural, and fit her face perfectly. Thick brows with a medium arch and lightly touched fronts are one of the more flattering styles for most faces. Having brows styled like Kylie’s is the perfect way to add a little glam when you need to.

Redefining the Ombre

If you think her brows are the most fabulous part of her, you’re missing the bigger picture. Kylie has probably one of the most perfect and natural looking ombres in existence. Thus far, it has been one of her biggest style transformations. The cooler blonde bits on the bottom seriously complement the dark, cool brown on top. She recently added a sea-green color to cover up the blond, and has been sporting some bright blue highlights lately. We know these changes are temporary, because she can be seen with the exact same blond ombre we fell in love with days later.

She Mixes Boho Chic with High Fashion

Kylie follows the rest of her family on the stylish route, but instead has focused on the boho chic look. Better yet, she mixes the look with glam to create a high-fashion hybrid style. She’s a big fan of high-waisted denim, flannels, loose, faded tees, crop tops, and combat style boots. Kylie also loves leather, nudes, all white and all black outfits, and long acrylics. Combined, these all work incredibly well for her.

We love Kylie, and are really excited to see where her adventures in fashion take her.