And now for something completely different: Kylie Jenner going high fashion for Remix magazine.

Now, you might be saying “But Haute Talk, she’s always in high fashion!” And you would be correct, she does WEAR high fashion, but emulate it she does not. So to say we are pleasantly surprised, well, that would be an understatement!  Anyway, back to the glossy.

kylie jenner

Jenner looks incredible on the cover, rocking an amazing ponytail and waaaaay less obvious makeup than we’re used to seeing. Her hair was done by guru Clyde Haygood and her makeup look was completed by Etienne Ortega. And we give both of them snaps and claps. Her look is completed with a plain WORLD top, and we just love the simplicity.


For some photos in the glossy Jenner let’s her long hair flow as she wears brands like Mishka, McGuire, and Aurora Bailey. In others, she keeps it simple with a braid.

One thing is for sure, the girl has covered up (for the most part), and we appreciate that. We don’t forget that she’s 17 years old, but it often seems like she does. Some of those photos of her Instagram are, shall we say, just too much.


It’s also nice to see her getting a little positive attention of her own. Let’s face it, her hair, lips and overall life are huge topics of conversation these days, and people are talking about them without mentioning her famous family. So good for you, Kylie.

Head over to Remix to get your own copy.

What do you think of Kylie Jenner’s cover?