When it comes to the Kardashian/Jenner clan, it’s safe to say that Kylie Jenner is the one that’s most under the radar. But the 17-year-old is now breaking out… on her own!

Jenner posted a photo to her Instagram account announcing that she is starting her own hair care line called Kylie Hair Kouture. Jenner is collaborating with Bellami Hair, which is a company that sells everything from hair extensions to a variety of tools and accessories. We’re so happy for Jenner for doing her own thing without her sisters. After all, the other girls each have some sort of solo business venture.

We imagine that Kyle Hair Kouture is going to focus on extensions, most likely with a blue tint. The best part is that we’re sure whatever it is that Jenner will be selling, will actually be pretty affordable since Bellami Hair is known for their great prices.


Kylie Hair Kouture coming soon…sooo excited follow @bellamihair for more details!

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This is one of many projects Jenner has her hand in. She also has a line of clothing at Pac Sun with her sister Kendall Jenner and the two have also collaborated with Steve Madden on a line of shoes for the company’s Madden Girl collection.

It will be interesting to see how Jenner does by herself in the world of beauty. To keep up-to-date with all thing Kylie Jenner, head over to her Instagram account.

Will you buy Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Hair Kouture?