And exhale…

If you are like most of America (okay probably even the world) then you have been holding your breath ever since it was first rumored that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (or as everyone seems to like to refer to them as: Kimye) would have their own Vogue cover. Now, it is finally here. And we have to admit, it is pretty stunning.

Reality TV star Kim is seen posed in front her husband to be and famous rapper, Kanye. Kim stairs straight into the camera with stoic beauty, while Kanye has his head tucked sweetly on her shoulder. Gaze at this long and hard folks, because it is very rare to see Kanye look like he is enjoying anything. But he definitely seems to be smitten with Kim. The love is pretty palpable.

On full display is Kim’s amazing ring, and she is clad in a simply elegant wedding dress. We have a feeling she will wear something a bit more intricate on her actual wedding day, but for a cover photo this elegance can’t be beat. Her hair is pulled back tightly allowing her, also simple, makeup highlight her gorgeous features. This cover is perfect for this time of year with wedding season just around the corner. That’s right! It’s spring now! You forgot to get the shoes for you freshman year roommate’s wedding that you are a bridesmaid in, didn’t you?

Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz took the gorgeous cover photo, because of course she did. While this one is less fantastical than some of the shots she is well known for, it still encapsulates the beauty that her photography always seems to exude.

Rostam Batmanglij from New York City based band Vampire Weekend even had something to say about the Kimye cover:

We don’t know Rostam, but it is seriously cool.

Check out the cover below and grab the issue when it hits shelves. Our one piece of advice? When tweeting about the cover, you might not want to use that provided hashtag. You won’t have room for your tweet.

Kimye Vogue April 2014 Kim Kardashian Kanye West

(photo via fashiongonerogue)

What do you think of Kimye’s Vogue cover?

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