In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian is the on the cover of the Winter 2014 issue of fashion magazine, PAPER.

To say that this is a normal editorial photo would be a lie. However, to say this is a normal Kim Kardashian editorial photo, well, then it would be true. The first shot Kimmie posted to her Instagram was of herself wearing a black sequins dress as she balances a champagne glass on her butt. It was a tribute to the iconic photo photographer Jean-Paul Goude had taken, as we like to say, back in the day.

kim kardashian ass naked paper

We have to admit, we were beyond impressed by Kardashian’s skills. However, our expressions quickly turned from “wow” to “omfg” after we saw the next photo Kardashian posted. The image is of Kardashian revealing her incredible butt to the world — putting it on display for all of us to, erm, admire? Kardashian’s back is turned to the camera, as she shows off her extremely oily rear.

The caption on both images reads “Break The Internet Kim Kardashian.” And needless to say, she’s definitely on her way to doing so.

kim kardashian ass

Th photo currently has 637,000 likes on Instagram, but we imagine that number is going to soar way, waaaaay up — possibly even breaking Instagram’s record of most likes ever. (Kim and Kanye’s wedding photo currently holds that spot). Anywhoo, this is where fashion is going these days, long gowns, champagne and booties. And we’re not complaining, especially since we know Kardashian’s style has earned her the right to end up on every major style magazine.

However, there was one celebrity who didn’t love this look: Naya Rivera. The “Glee” star reportedly commented on the photo saying “I normally don’t. But you’re somebody’s mother.” OUCH. However, why are we surprised? We’ve seen Kardashian pose like this in Playboy and of course, GQ.

Head over to PAPER Magazine for more information.

Do you think Kim Kardashian’s butt cover is inappropriate?

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