Kim Kardashian’s hair is always changing, and it’s always interesting to see what Kanye, Kim, decides what she’ll look like next.

Well, on Monday, Kardashian revealed her gorgeous natural hair while taking a walk with West in Paris. She usually has very long locks thanks to extensions, but now she’s rocking a shoulder-length ‘do that looks amazing. Her hair also looks a bit lighter, but that could just be the Paris sun… or your know, the natural glow of being in love.

Kardashian also worked a very decadent dress while on her outing. She wore a long blue gown covered in intricate beading. She wore a pair of peep-toe booties and minimal makeup (or at least that’s what it looked like), making the reality star look older, but in the best way possible.

West’s style was a lot more laid back while shopping. The rapper wore jeans, a hoodie and sneakers. According to the Daily Mail, the two shopped at Givenchy, Balmain and Lanvin. You know, no biggie. Later that day, Kardashian changed into another stunning gown, this time a long black one with a beautiful gold belt as an accessory.

We imagine their visits had something to do with the big wedding their planning. Since appearing on the cover of Vogue and considering how much Kardashian’s style has changed since dating West, we can only imagine what type of wedding gown she’ll be wearing to walk down the aisle. Perhaps Anna Wintour will weigh-in on the decision. If not, we definitely know the Vogue editor will be invited to the nuptials and will probably be sending a nice gift. After all, the issue featuring these two has been selling like whoa.

Head over to the Daily Mail to see more.