Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are at it again. The duo has just been featured in an exclusive booklet from System magazine.

According to System, the booklet consists of Kim and Kanye photos taken by renown photographer Juergen Teller while the couple was in France during Paris Fashion Week earlier this year.


Kardashian of course is sporting her blonde hair from that time, while West, from what we can tell, is only featured in a few photos, including the cover where he is seductively kissing his wife. This is probably because West was more involved with the behind-the-scenes aspect of the photo shoot, which included styling Kim.


Naturally, he chose a nude body suit, black knee-high tights and black boots. This is just the outfit needed for Kardashian to show off her curves and also climb dirt. Yep, these photos are something.


Teller is known for his raw photography, and Kardashian was surprisingly onboard for rolling around in the grass, climbing a mountain of dirt and just walking the French country side barely covered.


Many people are saying that this is Kim Kardashian’s worst photo shoot ever, but we have to disagree. This is the photographer’s style, so we’re down with it. In fact, we prefer this to her terrible Rolling Stone cover, but that’s just one website’s opinion.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s System magazine photo shoot?