So, Kim Kardashian kind of made a bold move this week and did something VERY out of her character.

Kardashian Instagrammed a photo of herself and model Cara Delevingne during her sister Kendall Jenner’s birthday party. Kardashian looked great of course, but there was one thing missing… her EYEBROWS.

The reality star bleached her gorgeous brows, and yes, looks a bit, erm, different? We mean it’s hard for Kardashian to ever look bad, but we’re not such a big fan of this look… or maybe it will just take some getting used to. Luckily for everyone, the new beauty look is only temporary. “About last night… #KendallsBDayParty #DontBeScaredOfMyBleachedBrows #ItsForAPhotoShoot,” she captioned the photo.

kim kardashian eyebrows

Her fans weren’t so happy with her new look either. A slew of comments came in about her decision. “This may be the creepiest thing I’ve seen,” someone wrote.  Standing next to Delevingne AKA the eyebrow queen, it’s true, it’s a bit overwhelming. Plus, we know that she’ll dye her brows right back after the photo shoot is over — so everyone can calm down.

And on the very bright side, we’re getting closer and closer (we think!) to finding out about the secret project she and the model are working on together. Just a few weeks ago, Kardashian Instagrammed a photo of herself with Delevingne and said they were working on a secret project — we now wouldn’t be surprised if it had to do with beauty, and more specifically eyebrows.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows?