If any celebrity has confidence, it’s Kim Kardashian. After all, what else would you call that PAPER magazine cover of Kardashian completely naked? Yeah, low self-esteem isn’t an issue there. This is probably why the 34-year-old snagged ELLE UK’s Confidence Issue.

Photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino, Kardashian actually has three covers. She looks incredible in black and white outfits from designers such as Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Balenciaga. The glossy calls Kardashian the “poster-girl for what can be achieved when you have it.” “It” meaning a whole lot of cash, millions of social media followers and a fashion sense all her own.

kim kardashian elle uk

The magazine also points out that she Kardashian has redefined our perception of “body beautiful,” which is absolutely true. In a world where thin wins, Kardashian completely breaks that mold with her never-ending curves. She also doesn’t shy away from showing what she’s got. Let’s just say, she’s been naked a whole lot this year!

kim kardashian elle uk issue cover

And while her confidence is through the roof, she explains in the magazine that she had to really work to obtain it. We imagine she’s referring to her pregnancy time, when tabloids and paparazzi were endlessly bashing her for gaining weight. We know, that’s pretty horrible, and Kardashian has said a number of times she wanted to show off her post-pregnancy body as a little bit of an “eff you.” And after seeing photos of her from the past year, it’s safe to say she’s definitely got her point across. kim kardashian elle uk january cover

Head over to ELLE UK to see more, and be sure to pick up your own copy of the January issue.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s covers?