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New Arrivals at

If you toasted the New Year and proclaimed that 2012 will be all about kicking off that inner desire to re-invent your look, it doesn’t have to be as big a task as you may think. Sometimes a radical new image can be as simple as streamlining what you already have, cleaning up your classic looks and throwing in a few clever and colorful pieces to change the options. Pushing the key-look you want to envision is easy; whether it’s a rocking pair of sunglasses for a little ‘lost boys’ vibe to bring out the rockstar in your denim or a killer pair of platform heels that will go with every color of tights under the sun to up-cycle a few of those skirts you haven’t dared think about since August. It may be as simple as looking at your closet with some fresh eyes – mixing and matching patterns/textures and silhouettes that you have not tried before; Madewell are great inspiration for this. They know what they are talking about when it comes to working with a real assortment of color and patterns and making some strong statements.

Sort through your wardrobe – picking out the pieces that don’t get too much wear and work out ‘why?’

If it comes down to inability to build a look around them then why not try some focused shopping – the right shoes or necklace to get that garment back into circulation, take the garment with you if it helps to stay on track and sort that look.  This season is all about statement neck wear; the bib necklace is joining us in 2012, as is the extra-long rope necklace which will be following through spring into the summer and can transform a simple top into a canvas for color and texture.

And if all else fails and whatever it is that is clogging up the back of the closet gathering dust cannot be saved then bag it and take it for donation.  Just leaving it there won’t be helping anyone and it could be working its way towards a tax write off and someone else’s closet.

But before you hit the shops for that closet re-haul just remember the overall result you are striving for and to help you get there here are some stern yet classic rules for starting the ‘new year; new you style campaign’…

“A t-shirt is neither a philosophy nor an advertisement. It’s a shirt, wear it plain.”

“Don’t show off. Impress”

“More times than not, you will be judged by your shoes”



1. Jeffrey Campbell $145. 2. Old Navy $19.95. 3. Asos $21. 4. Topshop $30. 5. Topshop $85. 6. Mossimo $29.99. 7. Topshop $12. 8. Deborah Lippmann $18. 9. Kendra Scott $60. 10. Asos $45. 11. Mandy Coon $320. 12. Ray Ban $195. 13. Steve Madden $119.