In a world where photoshop rules and makeup is a must, it’s hard for the average person, let alone a celebrity, to go makeup free and natural. But proving that she’s got good genes with or without all that fluff, Kerry Washington looks incredible on the cover of Allure magazine’s November issue.

Washington, who usually rocks a smokey eye and red lips, has what appears to be not a stitch of makeup on her face. Her skin is absolutely glowing while her lips and eyes are soft but nonetheless stunning. Her hair is wavy and she holds a little of it in her hand, looking very “I woke up like this.” On the cover, the Scandal star is wearing a cream-colored cardigan over either lingerie or a tank top   — either way, it’s #flawless.

kerry washington makeup free allure

If we’re being honest, Washington is clearly wearing at least some tinted moisturizer and mascara, but this look is definitely refreshing after seeing endless magazine covers with celebrities who are just covered in makeup. It’s also great to see that Washington actually looks like herself. There have been so many photoshop fails where models and actresses look completely different, and it’s kind of sad. It’s sad because of the people who look up to them, looking for that relatablilty  factor that unfortunately is so often missed in the fashion world.

So cheers to Allure and cheers to Washington! Oh, and let’s just remind everyone, girl had a baby this year. Head over to Allure to see more.

What do you think of Kerry Washington’s natural look?