Kendall Jenner, just when we thought you were the good sister.

The 19-year-old model is being slammed for recklessly driving as shown in snap chat video by her sister Kylie Jenner. And when we say recklessly, we don’t mean intoxicated (at least we don’t think so), but rather holding her iPhone in her hand while sticking her leg out the window and yelling something as “Take Ya Tights Off” by Problem plays in the background. BIG PROBLEM. A slew of comments are on the video, and let us tell you, people are NOT happy. “Spoiled brats sorry but there’s innocents people out there that some can get hurt and please don’t say that they teenagers there’s no reason to act like a brat!! That’s so sad,” one user wrote.


Song is Take Ya Tights Off by Problem


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To Jenner’s defense, she might not be driving… Kylie could be. Although, E! News Online did say the eldest Jenner was indeed behind the wheel. Regardless, whichever Jenner sister was driving is in the wrong. It’s particularly disturbing after their father, Caitlyn Jenner, was involved in a fatal car crash.

So far, neither has commented on the incident, but Kendall did take to social media to announce that she is the new face of Fendi. We’re happy for the young model, but please, please, please drive responsibly.

What do you think of Kendall Jenner driving?