kate-winslet for Vougue- November 2013 Laying on couch

With an impressive career that has spanned decades, Kate Winslet is showing no signs of stopping.  From small beginnings in BBC made-for-TV dramas, the starlet then made her presence known in timeless hits such as Heavenly Creatures, Sense and Sensibility, and of course, Titanic. Over the years she has accumulated six Oscar nominations and one win for her role in The Reader, and she was even given the honor of Commander of the Order of the British Empire due to her role in drama.

For her Vogue shoot the beloved Kate, who is currently expecting with her third husband Ned Rocknroll, discuses her relationship with her exes and how they raise their children together. She discussed her normal life that she spends with her children, raising them like any normal children and her refusal to use a nanny. Also admitting that like most of her characters, her life is full of ups and downs, and isn’t always orderly.

The beloved actress poses for Vogue in the November 2013 issue showing off  her glamorous side. Photographed by Mario Testino,  the simplistic backdrop and stunning gowns help capture the elegance of  old Hollywood and the beauty of Kate Winslet.

kate-winslet for Vougue- November 2013 -cover photo

kate-winslet for Vougue- November 2013 -Tfank wind blown poppy coat
Barbara Tfank windblown-poppy coat.
kate-winslet for Vougue- November 2013 -against wall in Donna Karan
Donna Karan New York jersey wrap dress. Duro Olowu metallic silk jacquard cape. Art Smith cuff from Leah Gordon Antiques.
kate-winslet for Vougue- November 2013 -Pregnant in Valentino
Valentino Haute Couture brocade dress and a dress by Della George.

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All photos courtesy of Vogue