For the first time ever, PEOPLE magazine hosted the PEOPLE Magazine Awards on Thursday night. The highest honor, that has everyone on the interwebs talking, is the award for the Sexiest Woman.

Supermodel Kate Upton snagged the title, and she seemed extremely excited about the recognition. “Sexy is someone who is confident and happy, and I guess I achieved that in 2014!” she said. Achieved that she did! Upton has had an incredible year, and it’s not even over yet. Not only did she land multiple magazine covers, but she also proved her acting skills on the big screen with the hit “The Other Woman.” Another huge accomplishment for the 22-year-old this year was becoming the official face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics.

kate upton sexiest woman


She’s also been a role model for voluptuous women everywhere. There were times this year where the media twisted Upton’s words regarding her body. Upton not only fought to defend herself and her incredible assets, she won. “I would say that all women feel that sometimes they don’t have life perfect or sometimes they don’t feel their best. But I love my body and I always feel incredibly grateful for what I have. But there are times when all women don’t feel their best,” she said, addressing rumors that she doesn’t like her breasts.

kate upton people magazine

She’s always been one of our favorite models, and we’re so happy that she’s getting recognition for her incredible sex appeal that’s apparent both inside and out. Head over to PEOPLE magazine for more information.

What do you think of Kate Upton’s huge honor?


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