Beauty 22 Of Kate Upton’s Sexiest Magazine Covers

22 Of Kate Upton’s Sexiest Magazine Covers

We decided to rack our brains for a minute, and we realized there’s something we’d like to get off our chest. This is some seriously titillating news, people! (See what we did there…)

Today is the beautiful and bodacious Kate Upton‘s 22nd birthday!

We always have to give kudos to Kate for the way she fearlessly embraces her sexy curves. Although her rise to supermodel fame happened not too long ago, we’re already in love with her and have a good feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of her (and we mean a lot) for years to come.

Let’s be real, there is nobody else out there who looks that bangin’ in a bikini. In honor of her 22 sizzling hot years, we’ve compiled the model’s 22 best magazine covers ever. Our faves include her Harper’s Bazaar shoot with the adorable baby monkey and tiger cameos, the ultra glamorous Vogue Brasil look, and the Sports Illustrated 2013 cover (brace yourself for this one). We can’t tell if the bikinis have been shrinking, or… well… we’ll just forewarn you that what you’re about to see is ta-ta-tastic, to say the least.

All joking aside, these 22 covers are awesome and we can’t even pick a favorite. We absolutely love you, Kate! Happy 22nd birthday!

 Which Kate Upton magazine cover is your favorite?

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