kate moss for vougue uk- cover with hat

Kate Moss is known around the world as being a top model that stormed the fashion world in the early 90’s. Over the years she has embodied many looks that replicated the changes of time and in fashion.  Her well known looks have made her a cultural icon in not just fashion but all of media.

This editorial for the December 2013 issue of Vogue UK was shot by British fashion photographer Tim Walker, who mixes rustic and romanticized images to create an aristocratic look. Moss balances the looks between high fashion, and a rustic English countryside. In many of the shots she has small amounts of makeup on which shows off her natural beauty and flawless skin. Her complexion is something that MOss is renowned for. The British model is dressed in everything from plaid skirts and wool sweaters to being draped in gorgeous silk like garments, creating a stark but effective contrast in style and aesthetic.

Tim Walker, the photographer behind the “Made for Britain” shoot, is known for his romanticized shoots. He does not try and hide the fact that they are staged, which over time has become a signature in his style. Despite the over the top outfits and staged backgrounds, Kate Moss looks natural nonetheless, showing off her ease at being in front of the camera.

Kate Moss has been on the cover of Vogue over thirty times, making her a permanent fixture in the world of fashion. Despite her rather tumultuous career, it is obvious that Kate Moss is not going anywhere anytime soon.

 kate moss for vougue uk- sitting  with knee high socks kate moss for vougue uk- black hat kate moss for vougue uk- blue sild dress kate moss for vougue uk- sitting in field with blanket kate moss for uk vougue- plaid skirt and sweater kate moss for uk vougue- fur coat back Kate Moss for Vougue Uk- sitting in bed

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All photos courtesy of ru-glamour.livejournal.com