Rumor has it that actress Kate Bosworth is answering our prayers. That is, our fashion envy prayers.

The star is reportedly launching an app that lets fashion lovers snap pics of their most coveted pieces and instantly click, shop, and purchase. It sounds too easy, we know. Bosworth explained to Women’s Wear Daily, that “Everyone can relate to that feeling of looking at an editorial, for example – or a friend, or the runway, for that matter – wanting to steal something exactly as you’re seeing it, or something similar.” Ugh, you’ve read our minds, Kate.The app is cleverly named Style Thief, after it’s ability to “steal” a look from virtually anywhere.Bosworth’s role as chief marketing officer is what gives this app an edge over the others in competition (among them is Styloot).

kate bosworth style thief app

So, where did the idea for this come about? “It’s a natural evolution of my interest in tech and fashion,” Bosworth explained. She was attracted to the simplicity of the tool’s design, and it’s intention: to ultimately allow consumers  to find and to buy. We like the sound of that.

This isn’t the only project on Bosworth’s horizon. She dishes to WWD about her collaboration with an as-yet-unnamed Los Angeles fashion brand, which is set to be released next Spring. We can’t wait to shop the collab and download Style Thief. Kudos to Kate for revolutionizing the mobile shopping experience. Head over to Women’s Wear Daily for more information.

Will you download Kate Bosworth’s Style Thief app?

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