World-famous supermodel, Karlie Kloss, is one of our favorites. Why? Because the girl can make fun of herself!

Recently, the model posted a #TBT on Instagram with the caption, “Got to love those awkward teenage years.” Um, we beg to differ, Karlie. The tall and leggy teenager in the photos still looks like a top model to us! Kloss humorously added the hash-tags “#babyface” and “#stringbean” to the post. We’re laughing, but even in her “awkward phase,” we’re still kind of jealous of her.

Believe it or not, Karlie’s teenage years weren’t too long ago. The 21-year-old began her modeling career at only 14, and she’s been on the rise ever since. Now, Kloss is the spokesperson for Coach, the face of Donna Karan, Christian Dior, and Lanvin campaigns, and a Victoria’s Secret angel. And that’s only naming a few things! The model has even teamed up with the famous Momofuku Milk Bar to create her own cookie recipe, called “Karlie’s Kookies.” (Seriously, she does it all.)

If Karlie’s pic is considered an “awkward” #TBT, we’re scared to know what people would think of our chubby, brace-faced ones! She may be a string bean, but we love her anyway. Keep the throwbacks coming, Karlie!

What do you think of Karlie Kloss’ #TBT photo?


Sarah Olicker is a Vanderbilt University undergraduate student and self-proclaimed Netflix junkie. She loves British accents, Mexican Cuisine, and American Cinema. She has a dangerous online shopping addiction and could tell a platform heel from a stiletto long before she could recite her times tables. She's also a member of her school's A cappella group and appreciates a good #TBT.