Believe it or not, before Kanye West was rocking Mason Martin Margiela, he was totally into Ralph Lauren Polo shirts. He even wore one in his “All Falls Down” video. You remember, the one that he eventually gets mustard on…

Well now you can buy that shirt. No, we’re not talking about the actual one West wore in the video, we’re talking about an actual pink polo shirt with a mustard stain on it. According to Fashionista, the brand Bandulu is selling the shirt for a whopping $400. The clothing site Bodega says that the company “takes quality, vintage clothing and rejuvenate life into them through hand embellishments.” The embellishment here is that gold mustard stain. What you can’t understand paying that much money for a shirt like this? Clearly, you ain’t up on this.

kanye west kanye west

We mean, you could just buy a real pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt for like $70, and get the Gulden’s out and recreate the look yourself, but that’s not going to get you pushin’ a Benz, right? Hey, this is the American dream.

Head over to Bodega for more information. H/T Fashionista.  Check out Kayne West’s “All Falls Down” video below to see the shirt in action!