Yeezis are coming! Yeezis are coming!

Kanye West announced on Monday night that his sneaker line with Adidas will be out in June.

According to MTV, West dropped the big news during the  Adidas Global Brand Conference in Germany. Andrew Hopkins, an assistant designer at the company, uploaded a video to YouTube where we see West speaking for a little more than five minutes about his creativity, dreams and struggles. But all of this wasn’t said in his usual arrogant way with Kanye-isms flying around like whoa. West actually seemed humble and sincere about the opportunity to make his dream of designing a shoe line come to life. “Today I’m not coming to you saying I want to be the next Walt Disney, the next Steve Jobs — my usually stuff I usually say,” West said. “I’m saying, with this opportunity to create, I feel like I can be myself.”

West originally had a partnership with Nike. The company released his Air Yeezy 2 sneakers, but there was a reported tiff between the rapper and the company and West moved on to Adidas — never looking back. He was clear in his speech to let everyone know how Adidas has helped him see his vision through. “This isn’t just something where we just take other peoples idea and put our names on it,” he said. “Were creating an entirely new idea to wear and use apparel. This was a company that was experienced and brave enough to give me the opportunity to create.”

Well, we can’t help but wish these two the best and hope we can snag a pair before they sell out! Watch Kanye’s full speech below and be sure to head over to MTV for more information.