Move over, Mark Walhberg, Justin Bieber just stole your underwear.

The 20-year-old singer announced on Instagram that he is officially the face of Calvin Klein Jeans and underwear. Just like Walhberg, Bieber is wearing nothing but a pair of Calvin Klein underwear in one of the photos. In another, we see the Biebs posing with supermodel Laura Stone, which is strikingly similar, again, to the 1990’s campaign featuring Walhberg and Kate Moss. The images are black and white and were shot by world renown photography duo M E R T & M A R C U S.

For months we have been teased by Bieber, who posted endless shots of himself wearing Calvin Klein underwear, so naturally, we’re all relieved to find out the purpose. Plus, he must feel great that he can now make money off of wearing his pants so low! All jokes aside, the singer does look incredible in the campaign. He definitely has that bad boy feel that makes the #MyCalvins campaign so iconic.

And let’s talk about Stone for a minute. The 31-year-old looks gorgeous in these images as well, and definitely shares the spotlight with Bieber better than we would have guessed. Scroll down to see the images from the campaign!

Officially a part of the legacy. Check out @calvinklein for more. #mycalvins. #newfaceofcalvinklein @mertalas

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What do you think of Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ad?