Jimmy Kimmel was at it again on Wednesday night with his Fashion Week edition of the hilarious “Lie Witness News.” Basically in these segments, Kimmel and his team make up random people and events, and then interview regular folks on the street and see if they will lie or tell the truth when asked about them.

For the Fashion Week edition, the crew when down to Lincoln Center in New York City and interviewed fashionistas about “lesser known designers” such as Chandler Bing (yes, the Friends character), Teddy Ruxpin (yes, the toy bear), Phil Robertson (yes, the dude from Duck Dynasty) and Antonin Scalia (yes, the Senior Associate Justice of the Supreme Court). When asked about these “designers,” the so-called fashion aficionados said that they had of course heard of each and every one of them and absolutely loved their work, proving that, well, they really have no idea what they are talking about.

What might be even sadder than lying about knowing fake designers just to seem like you’re “in the know,” is how lacking these people are in pop culture knowledge. We can even let Teddy Ruxpin, Scalia and Robertson slide (hey, these were niche people) but how do you not know who Chandler Bing is? Could that BE anymore obvious? Anyway, check out the hilarious video below and get ready to just crack up!

What do you think of Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News: Fashion Week edition?