As some of you may know, the FIFA World Cup will begin in just a few days. As part of the celebrations, Madame Tussauds London has given Jennifer Lopez’s wax figure a new outfit. Instead of sporting a gown, which she normally does, she’ll be wearing a replica of the outfit she wears in her video “We Are One (Ole, Ola).”

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? Well, CosmoForLatinas online editor, Ariel Nagi, isn’t feeling it. The editor wrote a great piece on why the Jennifer Lopez wax figure is extremely offensive. “J.Lo’s beauty (and wax figure worthiness) goes beyond her sexy outfits and famed curves. Why not dress her in one of her recent popular red carpet gowns, or in shorts that actually fit? This was a bad, offensive choice,” she wrote.


jennifer lopez

Of course, some will argue that the outfit was picked because of the World Cup and it seemed most appropriate for the occasion. But even that isn’t sitting well with Nagi as she points of there are many exaggerated features. “While many of these wax figures are clothed in suits or nice gowns, this statue is more about J.Lo’s butt than J.Lo — her butt is larger than it really is, and her shorts are smaller than they actually are in the music video for the World Cup song, ‘We are One (Ole, Ola).’ Perhaps they should’ve just named the statue “J.Lo’s Famous Ass.”

For the most part, users commented saying that they didn’t think the statue was too over the top, but we can definitely understand where Nagi is coming from. Head over to Cosmopolitan to read more, and be sure to check out the official video for “We Are One (Ole, Ola)” below.

Does Jennifer Lopez‘s Madame Tussauds wax figure offend you?