Jennifer Lawrence Dior FallWinter shoot- Black jacket-looking towards camer

The 23 year old actress has been the face of the French Fashion house for almost  a year now, but her ads for Dior keep getting better and better.

Jennifer Lawrence took over the reigns as  the face of Dior back in December and has donned ads that have been beyond graceful. The actress is the perfect fit for the brand’s look since the photos keep getting more and more relaxed as time goes on. Fitting J-Law’s personality perfectly as laid back and showing her natural beauty.

The last batch of ads that came out showed Lawrence wearing small amounts of makeup and posing elegantly. In the newest ads, Dior and Lawrence have found the perfect blend of the glamorous house of Dior and mellow presence of Jennifer Lawrence. The new ads go for a less stuffy look with Lawrence’s skin looking makeup free, dewy, and stunning.

Shot by photographer Mikael Jansson, Jennifer is shot in a simplistic black and white which fits the shoot perfectly. Her messy yet model-esque hair and minimal makeup help capture the youthful beauty that Miss. Lawrence gracefully possesses. For the Fall/Winter spread the actress wears beautifully tailored black suits that fit perfectly to her body.

 Jennifer Lawrence Dior FallWinter shoot- Cover shoot Jennifer Lawrence Dior FallWinter shoot- Laying on chair Jennifer Lawrence Dior FallWinter shoot-Black Suit standing Jennifer Lawrence Dior FallWinter shoot-Laying on Couch in black

What do you think about Jennifer Lawrence’s new photo shoot?

photos via NY Daily News