If there’s one thing we love about Jennifer Aniston, it’s how she isn’t afraid to go the extra mile when it comes to her career.

Take for instance her new movie Cake, where the actress goes completely makeup free, letting her au natural self shine. Of course, in the movie, she doesn’t look like the Jen Aniston we’re used to seeing, but to be honest, she doesn’t look bad — at all. And you know what? Aniston said going makeup-free was one of the liberating experiences of her life. “[It was] so fabulous, and so dreamy and empowering and liberating,” she said during Deadline’s 2014 Contenders panel. “The only time I had to sit in the makeup chair was just for scars.”

jennifer aniston makeup free cake

Back in September, Aniston went more in depth with Vanity Fair about her feelings on going makeup-free in general. “As women, we do feel that we have to live up to an expectation whether it is on camera or going to the market or whatever it is. The truth of the matter is that that is not always the way it is. We don’t always have our high heels on. We don’t always have our hair and makeup on. And this character is basically someone who had just given up, just on even waking up sometimes.”

The sans makeup look was director Daniel Barnz idea, who said wearing anything other than Chapstick would go against the character. “You can see the wrinkles in her face and the pores. She’s not wearing makeup because that’s true to the character: this is a woman who doesn’t take care of herself.” In case you don’t know, Aniston is playing Claire, a depressed woman who is addicted to pain killers. The role is generating Oscar Buzz, and if you head over to Entertainment Weekly to watch the trailer, you can see why.

What do you think of Jennifer Aniston’s makeup-free look?