Dom Pérignon took over New York’s Stephan Weiss Studios a couple of months ago, transforming the space into a phantasmagoria of funhouse-style mirrors and rainforest-worthy canopies. The event was all in celebration of Jeff Koons, who collaborated with the Champagne brand on “Balloon Venus for Dom Pérignon.”


Photo via theenglishroom

The small-scale version of his celebrated sculpture houses a bottle of Rosé Vintage 2003. Around 650 of these mini sculptures will be hand-assembled, polished and produced worldwide, and they’ll be priced at $20,000 each. The artist also designed more accessible limited edition boxes for the Rosé Vintage 2003 and the Blanc Vintage 2004 that go for $349 and $169, respectively.


Photo via ultravie

“What Jeff is doing is amazing,”  says New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony at the Dom Pérignon fête. “You have these two major powerhouses coming together, and it’s great.”

Koons used his sculpture, Balloon Venus, as the model for the limited edition collector’s items. “I know that my mother will want one,” Koons says, smiling. “But I hope a lot of collectors, people who are already involved with my work, will give these as gifts to their friends.” This is a bargain when you consider that Koons’ Balloon Dog sold at Christie’s for $58.4 million.


Photo via highsnobiety

Balloon Venus is inspired by the “Venus of Willendorf,” the barely five-inch-tall statuette that archaeologists estimate was made sometime between 24,000 and 22,000 B.C. Its curvaceous figure is speculated to have stood as a symbol for fecundity, and Koons’ interpretation is no less ambitious. “It’s both masculine and feminine,” he explains. “Well, if you look at the inside—it’s like a Rorschach, but you can pick up on some of the masculine elements, even the shape of the bottle there, and if you look at the Balloon Venus from the front, it’s so fertile.”

Dom Pérignon has previously collaborated with artists such as as David Lynch, Marc Newsom, Martin Szekely, and the estate of Andy Warhol for limited edition champagne buckets and bottles.

 What do you think of Jeff Koons’ creation?