If case you missed it, fashion brand J Crew is now offering clothing in size 000 or XXXS.

The clothing is made to fit woman who have a 23 inch waist and 30.5 inch bust. According to J Crew, the desire for this small of a size came from their customers in Asia, but many fashion bloggers are a bit outraged. Some are accusing the brand for indulging in vanity sizing, where normally, some retailers will call a larger sized garment a smaller size. For example, if it’s a true “large” the company might change the tag to say “medium” essentially “tricking” women into thinking they’re a smaller size in this brand’s clothing. Ah, confusing, eh?


j crew sizing chart 000

J Crew Sizing Chart

Well, J. Crew says the new size has nothing to do with vanity, it’s simply to serve their other markets. “We are simply addressing the demands coming from Asia for smaller sizes. Our sizes typically run big and the Asia market tends to run small,” the company said in a statement according to the TODAY show. “To further put into perspective, these sizes add up to the smallest possible percentage of our overall sizing assortment.”

Belle from Capital Hill Style wrote in a blog post, that this just doesn’t make much sense. “If you need to create clothes with smaller measurements in the name of inclusivity, as the brand’s spin-doctors will suggest, wouldn’t the logical thing be to expand the sizes upward, making the measurements for 000 the new 0, and offering a size 24?”

For right now, we’re not making any judgement on the size, while it is a bit shocking seeing XXXXS or 000, it’s also possible that the company is indeed catering to their market, but what do you think? And be sure to head over to Capital Hill Style for more information.


What do you think of the J Crew sizing chart?

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