Are you ready for the most cringeworthy thing you’ll see all day?

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi appeared on QVC to show off his collection this week, when suddenly things between him and QVC presenter Jane Treacy got a bit heated. Treacy innocently was trying to describe Mizrahi’s new designs as something similar “to what the Earth looks like, when you’re a bazillion miles away, from the planet moon.”

At first, Mizrahi agreed. However, Treacy started to question herself. And then that’s when things started to get uncomfortable:

JT: “Isn’t the moon a star?”

IM: “No, the moon is a planet, darling.”

JT: “Is the Moon really a planet? Don’t look at me like that. The Sun is a star … Is the Sun not a star?”

IM: “I don’t know what the Sun is.”

We rarely ever say this, but it was actually a lot worse than it sounds. If fact, the woman who was modeling the clothing actually held her head in her hands.

qvc designer isaac mizrahi

We have two thoughts on this showdown. One is, we are definitely not feeling Mizrahi’s designs. This is a designer who is known for sleek, cool designs that any woman can wear. What we’re seeing here on QVC is not the Mizrahi we know and love. And second, the moon, in case you didn’t know is, a moon. It is neither a star or a planet, it is the Earth’s only natural satellite. So, they were both terribly, horribly, wrong.

Watch the full clip below.

What do you think Isaac Mizrahi’s debate?