Isaac Mizrahi is known as much for his…hands-on red carpet interviewing style as he is for kicky, candy-colored silhouettes on the runway. But now the Brooklyn-bred designer will be brushing up another title already on his resume: cabaret star.

In Ask Isaac! at Manhattan’s West Bank Café, Mizrahi will be chatting, schmoozing and singing with the accompaniment of the Ben Waltzer Quintent.

“I want people to think of George Burns, Jimmy Durante, someone who really can’t sing. But I have been studying music since I was a little kid and I worked with the musicians on all the arrangements. The idea is, if I really have the nerve, I really want the audience to ask me questions.”

Is the Target collaborator nervous? He says performing has become “a little less terrifying.” The famed Steven Sondheim told him not to “think of this as a platform.” The variable, of course, is the audience: “You don’t know how committed or fun they will be,” he said. “More than any other kind of performance, cabaret is like having dinner with them sitting in their laps for one hour and 10 minutes.”

The multi-talented designer is also in talks about a TV pilot he’s developed. “I don’t really do anything else but work. I don’t have kids. Some people would call me a workaholic but I just call myself ‘never bored.’”

Ask Isaac! will run three performances, January 10, 24 and 25th. If you’re so inclined, you can pick up tickets here.

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