An Evening With Snooki

We’re not entirely sure who Jersey Shore’s target audience is, but we’re fairly certain we’re not it. We’ve never had a spray tan, and the mere mention of reality TV tends to bring out the irrepressible snark in us. Like it or not, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is here to stay. The unlikely entrepreneur was earning $150,000 per episode in Jersey Shore’s fifth season, and has her own line of slippers, sandals, sunglasses, and spray tanner.

This holiday season she’s launching her second fragrance, Snooki Couture, as well as nail polishes. The nail lacquers have names like ‘Purple Poof’ and ‘Smush That.’ There’s no way we could not talk to the woman behind that kind of branding. The Shore aside, and without further ado, the improbably charming (and disarmingly nice), Snooki.

 Snooki Couture Perfume

Do you remember any of the first beauty products you got your hands on? Were you raiding your mother’s bathroom when you were little?

I probably started to wear eyeliner, and that was in middle school. So I think I started off loving makeup and everything else came with it.

You’ve been into makeup for a while. What was the collaboration for the nail polish collection like? Did you bring particular inspirations to those meetings?

Everyone knows that I love animal prints, and I love neon colors. I like things that stand out, that are different and original, and that’s basically what I present everyone with. It needs to be animal print, original, different, and tacky at the same time, like a gaudy look.

Definitely. And you’re wearing a nail polish from the collection tonight? (Ed. note: Snooki’s manicure has been filed into immaculately pointed talons. She’s sporting glittery gold polish on every finger except for her ring fingernails—those are painted in silver glitter.)

This is a part of my “All That Glitters” holiday collection. This is ‘Gold Mind,’ [the gold, of course] and ‘Party’s Here’ [silver], and then you have a red one which is ‘Fireball,’ kind of like my hair.

I love the shape of your nails!

It’s kind of like a cat.

I’ve been kind of scared to try pointed talons myself. I’m not sure if I could rock it.

No, you could rock it.

Well it looks amazing on you.

It’s my real nails, too! It takes a while to grow these things. So when I cut them, it’s like ‘Oh!…’ It’s like you’re killing something.

An Evening With Snooki

Exactly! So do you have a favorite polish from the collection?

I love my glitters [from the holiday collection]. You can’t go wrong.

And that is a glitter-packed glitter, too. None of that sparse stuff.

It looks like bling bling, and it looks good with any outfit.

What are some of the notes in the new fragrance, Snooki Couture?

I named this one Snooki Couture. That’s how my brand is going to be now, instead of just Snooki by Nicole Polizzi. It’s because of what’s going on in my life. I’m more mature, I’m a mom. So in this perfume I have apple blossom, which is flirty, but it’s also sexy, so I have the cashmere woods and the musk. Do you want to smell it?

Sure! [We gamely spray some on.]

It’s not too old lady, because I’m only 25, but I want it to be mature at the same time. It’s more sexy than my first fragrance, which was more fruity.

Some of the nail polishes

Can you tell us about your skincare routine?

Just products from, like, CVS.


Like, you know those pads?

Like Clearasil?

Yeah, it smells like alcohol? You do that and I just put MAC cream on it. And that’s it!

And you’ve got new nail decals, too?

Yeah, leopard and if you feel it, it’s kind of a 3-D effect, some bling bling.

Those will be available in drug stores?

Right now, it’s just on, but hopefully it’s going to be in drugstores soon!

Attention, Snooki fans and aspiring guidettes: November 19, Snooki will be doing a bottle signing at Perfumania on 34th Street at the Empire State Building. We hear there will be a big surprise for those of you who arrive at 5 PM on the dot. You can purchase the full line of Snooki Couture fragrance and nail polishes and decals at