On Friday June 20th, Instagram released it’s latest update… now including 15 second video service. Looks like our new friend Vine may (definitely) be out of the picture. The new interface includes stop/cut frame recording as well as an image stabilizer. We’re mainly pumped about this because now with double the time of Vine videos, we can get an even better glimpse inside the fashion world… we’re already excited for fashion week instavids.

We gave fashion icons, publications, and brands the weekend to test out the new video feature. We pulled together some of the most creative, cute, and hilarious Instagram videos from their streams.


Instagram Video Burberry

Easily the most beautiful InstaVideo we’ve seen yet. Since uploading media isn’t an option for video, we’re thinking that the video was produced, and then was recorded from the screen. Either way, a very creative piece. It looks like it could be  a television ad campaign.


Instagram Video Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is one of our favorite social media artists. Always giving a great insight of the daily happenings in the office.


Instagram Video Karlie Kloss

Model Karlie Kloss goes for a hellicopter ride. She’s just the cutest – we couldn’t resist including this video.


Instagram Video Rebecca Minkoff

Another one of our social media favorites, Rebecca Minkoff shoes some gear in-action.


Instagram Video Forever 21

Click click click, strut strut strut.


Instagram Video Kate Spade

Kate Spade with a super-cute unwrapping video. We guess they’re revealing Instagram’s new video feature!


Instagram Video GapGap gets cute with pen and paper. We’re guessing they uploaded a similar video to Vine as well since it’s written on the paper. How much longer will they do that? 1 is better than 2 when it comes to productivity. Sorry Vine!


Instagram Video Refinery 29American rapper Angel Haze making us giggle at Refinery29. Most beautiful smile award?


Instagram Video GlamourSo glam.


Instagram Video Man Repeller

Saved the best for last. We’re seriously crying over The Man Repeller’s Instagram videos. She’s definitely one of our favorites in the blogospehere!





Justin Gilbert is a rising senior at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He is studying Advertising and Public Relations, with a minor in Studio Art. This course of study stemmed from his love of design, fashion, creativity, and innovative marketing. This summer, Justin hopes to gain valuable insight and experience in the world of editorial fashion. In the future, Justin plans to be a fashion public relations professional while simultaneously growing his blog, The Style Lion, to become a staffed publication and a brand of its own.