It’s no secret that Instagram has become every fashionista’s secret weapon. Even we played into the trend last week by posting an article on the top IGers to follow for up-to-the-minute Fashion Week coverage. Phones, iPads, tech, and gadgets have become ubiquitous in the high end and social spheres, specifically front row at fashion shows. Take a glimpse at any runway and its surroundings and you will see dozens of bright lights perched up in front of peoples faces. Interesting how people are starting to watch something they are sitting right in front of through a lens, right?

We are definitely not the only ones who have noticed this change, Racked headed to Hilfiger’s NYFW InstaMeet and spoke with industry force, Mickey Boardman of Paper Magazine, to get his opinion on the whole Insta-craze. Is it for the better? The worse?

Boardman states that the first divide is when people have posted certain looks so many times on various social media platforms but the item is not made available until at least six months into the future. This is especially “trying” when you fall in love with a collection. The exact analogy made by Boardman is that you have, “already ejaculated five times before we are able to actually have sex with that piece of clothes.” Graphic? Yes. True? Also, probably yes.

Despite this buying divide, most of the interviewees stress the importance of “real-time” coverage and how it closes the divide between the public and the fashion world. You no longer have to wait days, weeks, months to get a glimpse at high end fashion. It is less scary, unreachable, and – even if you cannot afford it – can be a great source of inspiration.

Another great plus of the link between fashion week and social media is the constant push for creativity. In the past, designers would settle for a run-of-the-mill runway. A simple strip to walk down where the clothes would speak for themselves. While admirable, many in the fashion biz are now looking to get your immediate attention. They have upped their ante when it comes to reimagining and creating spaces. They understand the importance of being tweeted and instagrammed the most, and how this will only happen if there is truly a “wow” factor and spectacle.

See the video here via Racked.


How do you think social media has shaped fashion?

feature photo via getty By: Arun Nevader