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There have been many different ways that film promotions have changed over the past few years. Mostly involving some sort of viral marketing, and The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire is doing just that. When the first of the movies based off Suzanne Collins’ young adult series,  The Hunger Games came out back in spring of 2012 Lionsgate took their first successful step in getting fans to wear official products from the movie by creating a Panem themed nail polish line to follow the colors inspired by those in the oppressive Capitol.

For the highly anticipated release of the second film, Catching Fire, they have a more fashionable and extravagant collection coming out. Capitol Couture is the name of the collection created by the film’s costume creator Trish Summervile. The collection will be released prior to the premier of the film on November 22nd and will only be available through online fashion retailer Net-A-Porter.

Along with the real life fashion line, fans can check out the website Capitol Couture that was created before the release of the first film. The website is run in the same way a real online fashion magazine is. There have been cover stories, editorials, and interviews all with the fictional characters of the Hunger Games universe. The articles are written in the way they would be if run by the people of the Capitol; filled with bright colors, glitz, and a nauseating excitement over the Quarter Quell, which is an integral part of Catching Fire. You can read about the newest contestants and learn their background and their personalities as if they were real people. The website blurs the line between reality and fiction; you are never entirely sure if the the quotes are real or not. With that, there are also ways for fans to get involved by creating makeup or outfits and posting them with the appropriate hashtag.

Some fans of the series are upset over the idea of glamorizing the fashion of those who oppress a nation and force their children to fight to the death every year for their own entertainment.  The argument can be made in their defense, but those behind the line have created a truly glamorous and stunning collection based off fiction.

The website Capitol Couture is definitely worth a look. Filled with endless amounts of bold fashions and articles on everything from Katniss’ newest fame to the craziest beauty tips.  Here are a few articles that really stand out and make the website seem like a real fashion must read.

THE Wedding Dress…Capitol Designers Weigh In

the hunger games-catching fire-Capitol Couture- articles to read- Katniss Wedding dress

Johanna Mason: Branching Out

the hunger games-catching fire-Capitol Couture- articles to read- Joanna Mason

Game Faces: District 4’s Finnick Odair

the hunger games-catching fire-Capitol Couture- articles to read- Finnick Odiar

Capitol Icon: Dita Von Teese

 the hunger games-catching fire-Capitol Couture- articles to read- Dita Von Teese

Exclusive: District 12 Beauty Look

the hunger games-catching fire-catching fire-Capitol Couture- district 12 makeup

What are your thoughts on the Capitol Couture Fashion Line?

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