There are endless debates about where to put perfume, how much to put on and what to do once it’s applied. Should you rub your wrists? Should you dab your neck? Should you use a spray or roll-on? The list of questions goes on and on and on.

how to apply perfume

Luckily, our friends at The Daily Mail sat down with expert Michelle D’vaz-Plant, Head of Brand at The Perfume Shop, to find out the real skinny on smelling pretty. “It’s extremely important for perfume to be applied to the correct parts of the body, not only to enhance your scent, but also to avoid wastage, as some areas work better than others and you want you to get the most out of your treasured scents,” she said.

So, where should you apply? Your wrists, inside your elbows, behind your ears, behind your knees and above your hipbones! We bet you didn’t think you needed to target all of those areas, but D’vaz-Plant says that these points are crucial because they are naturally warmer than the rest of your body and will maximize the smell of your fragrance.

Great! Now that you know where to apply, HOW should you apply? “The best way to apply perfume is to let it settle onto the skin, so patience is key – simply spray onto your pulse points and clothes, then leave it to soak in. This will make the scent last longer and avoid wastage.”

That means no rubbing in, ladies. Something I am, too guilty of doing! D’vaz-Plant also says spraying your clothes and hair is a great way to make a scent linger, but don’t go overboard as you don’t want to abuse your favorite scent!

Head over to The Daily Mail for more great tips on applying perfume.

What is your favorite perfume scent?