Fall is officially in full-swing! And if you’re anything like us, we use this time to go a bit overboard with fall-inspired products. Take for example these amazing homemade soaps from Etsy. Not only are they really pretty to look at (hello, look at those leaves!), but they are scented to smell like pumpkin pie, apple cider and even candy corn! The best part of all just might be how inexpensive they are, making them the perfect little gift for you or someone else. So scroll through, and let us know which one looks best to you!

1. Organic Fall Festive Soap | $12.99

homemade soap

These soaps are perfect for decoration or use.


2. Pumpkin Pie Soap | $4.50

Pumpkin Pie Soap

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh backed pumpkin pie? Well now you can have it in your home at all times.


3.  Spiced Apple Cider Soap | $ 6.50

Spiced Apple Cider Soap

In addition to the apple cider sent, we love the color and design pattern on this soap.


4.  Autumn Harvest Soap | $5.25

Autumn Harvest Soap

Is it possible to fall in love with soap?

5. Gingersnap Cookie Soap | $4.00

Gingersnap Cookie Soap

Cookies are definitely our favorite dessert, smelling like one all day would be our dream!


6. Holiday Eggnog Soap |$4.00

Holiday Eggnog Soap

Put on some holiday music, jump in the tub and daydream about a magical winter wonderland.

7. Falling Leaves Soap | $4.50

Falling Leaves Soap


Your guests will go crazy over this design.

8. Candy Corn Soap | $5.00

Candy Corn Soap homemade soaps

How cute are these candy corn inspired soaps?

Which of these homemade soaps is your favorite?

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