Let’s face it, some people are simply impossible to shop for during the holiday season. The ever-growing popularity of office Secret Santa gifts don’t necessarily make the holiday season easily on anyone, but Haute Talk is here to help! It is never easy to buy a gift for a co-worker, especially one you would actually buy. (Sorry to the girl casually showing her desk neighbor the latest Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but it won’t work.) Budgets have tightened across the board in the country, but it doesn’t mean you  Whether you need a gift for the one who doesn’t like anything or the one who has everything, the gesture to your co-worker can go a long way without breaking the bank.

When shopping for an employee or fellow co-worker, it is important to remember the type of work environment you have. Their personal fashion sense may be extremely different than the cleaned up version of themselves on public display in the workplace. One genre to look into, which is almost foolproof, would be desk accessories or anything that could be used dually in the office or at home. *Note* Ones that may not benefit from this guide are the ones whose desks cannot be seen under piles of heaven only knows what! All others, look no further than two websites with the most unique items, Etsy.com and UncommonGoods.com.


1. Crocheted Headphones: Spotted on uncommongoods.com, these crocheted headphones are a great gift for anyone, not just a co-worker! Available in different colors and patterns, these allow you to show of your individuality while being respective of your fellow peers. For only $38 this bargain includes the actual headphones & isn’t just a crocheted shell, although it can be used on any pair you have at home!


2. Decorative USB Ports. – Now I know this doesn’t sound like something that would be on the top of your Christmas list, but everyone needs to stop and smell the roses every once in a while! Your work space or even home office can easily turn into cluttered chaos with wires so unorganized, you’re not even sure of where they came from! This adorable little USB port, only $18 on uncommongoods.com, will brighten your day in a simple way. Whether for a co-worker or just a stocking stuffer for a loved one, this thoughtful item will have them thanking you for months after Santa’s big day.


3Desktop Golf For the male co-worker who tries to relive his high school basketball days by throwing paper balls into the garbage, here’s a little something to keep him from pressing your last nerve. This mini-mini golf station fits perfectly on any desk and comes fully equipped with a little club and a few metal golf balls too. (Just in case one goes missing!) This will be the best $28 dollars spent to keep that pesky desk neighbor minding his or her own business!