Every girl likes to pamper herself, but there’s nothing like getting an awesome product from someone else, especially one that you know doesn’t have toxic chemicals or preservatives. Just think of how happy your friend will be to open these up!

1. Argan Oil | Kahina Giving Beauty, $36

argan_oil_smallKahina Giving Beauty is all about creating organic argan oil and serums for the everyday woman. The company also works on actively employing women in Morocco and around the globe.

2. Hair Essentials | Intelligent Nutrients, $62


Intelligent Nutrients‘ selling point is in its natural ingredients. This hair set is perfect to revive anyone’s locks, short or long.

3. NYC Bali Nailcolor Kit | PRITI NYC, $39.99


We bet you haven’t ever put much thought into what is in your nail polish, right? Priti specializes in natural and vegan nail care.

4. Deluxe Beauty and Skin Care Set | Tata Harper, $65

holiday-gift-guide-natural-beauty-products-7Tata Harper is a skin care guru. This deluxe beauty set rings in at a reasonable price tag but packs in everything from cleansers to masks.

5. Tracie Martyn Body Cream | Net-a-Porter, $155



Tracie Martyn is a facialist to the stars. With celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and more, no wonder she’s truly created a name for herself. Her pricey products will be lusted after by your friends, so why don’t you give them a hand? This re-sculpting body cream is great for making anyone feel great in their own skin.

6. Berry Nice Cosmetics Set | Gabriel Cosmetics, $40


While most of these beauty products have been creams and cleansers, every girl loves makeup. Gabriel Cosmetics creates high-fashion looks and colors while keeping its products natural and organic.

7. The Cookie Exchange Gift Set | Philosophy, $24


The Cookie Exchange is perfect for the holidays. Expect multi-purpose products such as the Christmas cookie which can be used as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, or a bubble bath! What a great treat for anyone.

8. Get Started Kit | bareMinerals, $62



Bare Escentuals‘ bareMinerals has been around for a while. Their makeup kits offers maximum coverage while being great for all skin types. Thanks to their use of natural minerals and powder, even those with sensitive skin are able to enjoy this.

9. REFUGE Rooibos, Rose, and Pomegranate Hydrating Masque | Pure and True, $58


Talk about pampering! This hydrating mask is perfect for a weekend treat.

10. Cleansing Grains | Isa’s Restoratives, $30


This Brooklyn-based skin and body care specialist is home to dozens of natural and unconventional products. Try pairing these cleansing grains with their other flavors, creams, and sprays to create a perfect gift bag for your friends or family.

What other organic beauty products do you like?

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