While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, we’re inclined to think that any meaningful piece of jewelry is even more special. Even though you can go out and buy inexpensive and trendy pieces at any department or chain store, gifting your gal pals one-of-a-kind items is even better. Today’s Holiday Gift Guide gives you 10 handmade jewelry items to get you going.

1. Gold Coins Necklace | Liat Gilad Jewellery Design, $114.41

holiday gift guide handmade jewelry

This gold coin necklace by Etsy merchant Liat Gilad is a perfect minimalist option. It is handcrafted and designed in a Moroccan style.

2. Cross Ring | Pamela Love, $250

holiday gift guide handmade jewelry

Pamela Love is a jewelry designer who started making her pieces in the confines of her Brooklyn apartment. Many years later and her success has risen significantly — but that doesn’t mean her pieces aren’t still carefully crafted! Invest in this ring for your edgier friend or significant other.

3. Serpent Earrings | NOVICA, $52.99

holiday gift guide handmade jewelry

Narinee is the local artisan who creates these fabulous serpent earrings. She sells her goods through NOVICA, which is partnered with National Geographic, to bring awareness to jewelers from around the world. And, with that price tag, we think we might snag a pair for ourselves!

4. Made-to-Order Stackable Alphabet Rings | Catbird NYC, $96

holiday gift guide handmade jewelry

Catbird is a New York-based jeweler. Customize this piece online and add whichever letters you would like for less than $100.

5. Claw Hug Bracelet | VERAMEAT, $140

holiday gift guide handmade jewelry

VERAMEAT is another New York jeweler and small-trinket establishment. This designer is known for edgy pieces depicting claws, fangs, arrows, and crosses.

6. Bib Necklace | Hailmary Jewelry, $138

holiday gift guide handmade jewelry

The bib necklace has been seen everywhere over the past few seasons. Luckily, LA-based Hailmary Jewelry has great options in stock that are handcrafted and made with authentic stones.

7. Hamsa Peace Bronze Bracelet | From War to Peace, $39.95

holiday gift guide handmade jewelry

From War to Peace is a truly interesting organization. Utilizing materials from war artillery, these artisans turn them into peace symbols. Not only will you be gifting gorgeous jewelry, but you’ll also be donating to a cause.

8. Framed Garnet Earrings | Sundance Catalog, $78

holiday gift guide handmade jewelry

Sundance Catalog is filled with plenty of options but we thought these stood out most. Their vintage style is perfect for dressing up any outfit.

9. Urchin Earrings | Monkey Forest Road, $105

holiday gift guide handmade jewelryAnother great statement piece, these handmade urchin earrings will truly have the power to make anyone smile.

10. Sterling Silver Arrow Necklace | Friction Jewelry, $35

holiday gift guide handmade jewelry

Finally, we have an option that is sure to keep everyone (including your wallet) happy. Friction Jewelry is home to many minimalist options, but we love the arrow.

Which handmade piece of jewelry is your favorite?

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