Buying clothes for your loved ones during the holidays is a tricky task. On the one hand, you don’t want to be that friend that gifts your BFF an ugly sweater, but you also are at a loss for what to buy. We get it. The job is tough. Here we’ve rounded up a holiday gift guide on some of the coolest and most seasonally appropriate essentials for your friends, family, and loved ones. The best part? We’ve got ideas for both him and her.

1. Sleek Shoes for Men | Brooks Brothers $368

gift-guide-for-him-and-her-1A sleek pair of shoes seems to be one of those things guys just seem to avoid investing in. Why don’t you give your significant other a hand and get him this top-notch pair? There is no way he’d store these away at the back of his closet.

 2. Black Pumps for Women | ShopBop $159


We all already have too many shoes, but I would be lying if I said I would refuse a pair. These black pumps work perfectly, taking anyone from office to weekend. Plus, they’re simple enough to please everyone.

3. The Fitness Enthusiast’s Workout Gear for Men | Nike $250


This jacket will probably be worn way more than just once or twice a week… Make sure to wash!

4. The Fitness Enthusiast’s Workout Gear for Women | Nike $70


Ask any gym-goer what they spend most of their money on and they’ll probably tell you workout clothes. They just can’t get enough. But just because it is their guilty pleasure doesn’t mean it comes cheap. This top-notch Nike gear is better than diamonds for your gym rat friend.

5. Barbour Classic Coat for Men | Bloomingdale’s $379


A coat makes a great gift. Not only are they substantial presents to give, but they will also be used often! A Barbour is a classic, and they’ll be thanking you every time they put it on.

6. Duffle Coat with Fur for Women | ZARA $269


This jacket is a great choice for women. It’s stylish and classic, so it will never get old.

7. Classic Sweater for Men | Ralph Lauren $115


Sweaters as presents get a bad rap. The trick here is to invest in classic styles the giftees will actually wear. Why waste money on knits people will toss, anyways? This Polo Ralph Lauren sweater is great for all age groups, from preppy to hip.

8. Warm Knit for Women | Lacoste $160


The same rule applies to the ladies! In the wintertime, no girl can say no to a cozy knit.

9. Hugo Boss Dress Shirt for Men | Nordstrom $95


 Another great option for guys is a nice dress shirt. Whether the man you are shopping for works in corporate or creative, there always comes a time to clean up nicely. Reasonably priced, these Hugo Boss shirts are by a classic designer but in contemporary fits.

10. T by Alexander Wang Tank Dress for Women | Barneys  $175


Something about receiving a contemporary designer’s item always brings a smile to any girl’s face. That being said, it doesn’t always come cheap. Try shopping on the designer’s spin-off labels such as T by Alexander Wang. The dress may be simple, but that’s what makes it all the better. Who could ever return this? Its great quality and versatility make it a must-have for anyone.

What else can you give him or her?