Okay, so we all know how important it is to not only make sure your teeth look great, but make sure you keep them healthy. That’s why my current obsession is HiSmile, a peroxide-free teeth whitening system that’s actually super fun to use.

I was lucky enough to try HiSmile’s Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Kit, which comes with three peroxide-free gels, one LED light and one mouth guard. I tried it for six days straight and absolutely loved the whole process. hismile review

So, let me walk you through it. You simply apply 1/4 of the gel to the top and bottom of the mouth guard (don’t worry, the gels are labeled so you never use more than necessary). Next, you pop the guard into your mouth and hold the LED light to it. The LED light fits perfectly into the mouth guard, and since it’s battery operated, I was able to actually shower/clean up the house/work without any inconvenience. And since you know how hard it can be to keep track of time when you’re busy, the LED light will actually shut off on its own after 10 minutes. I can’t remember the last time whitening my teeth was so easy.

teeth whitening kit hismile

Plus, it was totally pain-free. I don’t have sensitive teeth at all, but many of the peroxide-formula teeth whitening kits I’ve used in the past have made my teeth sensitive. But HiSmile was completely harmless… and effective.

Head over to HiSmile to learn more!

Have you given HiSmile a try?