Sure, we’ve been alternately fawning over Jennifer Lawrence’s Christian Dior Couture number and Sally Fields’ va-va voom scarlet Valentino, both of which would cost more than we make in a year.

But this morning, another gown caught our eye—Helen Hunt’s midnight blue H&M gown. As Hunt told human cartoon character Ryan Seacrest, she chose the gown “because it was the most beautiful dress I tried on and they partner with Global Green. It was a win-win-win.”

Global Green is a garment upcycling initiative that the Swedish mega-brand launched earlier this week. Though Hunt’s custom gown won’t be available at your local mall, a “similar style” will be featured as part of H&M’s Conscious collection, which launches in stores April 4.

Beyond the mass market retailer tag, we found the gown generally pretty underwhelming. Sure, a gorgeous color, but the styling is generally unremarkable, the fit is mediocre, and the fabric looks—dare we say it?—pretty cheap. Someone should have taken some steam to the dress before sending HH out on the red carpet.

Oh, but lest you think Hunt is getting a little too down-to-earth, the gown was also paired with $700,000 in Martin Katz jewels.

Image via: Telegraph Fashion