I am a scent-maniac but not a scent snob. I look for it everywhere from small boutiques in the West Village to the shelves of CVS drugstores. Heidi Klum’s Surprise is one of those great fragrances you can find at CVS at only $27.99 for a one ounce bottle of EDT Natural Spray–you can get 2.5 of the body spray at Target and Kohl’s for under $9, which is a phenomenal deal for the budget-minded. The famous ex-model and spokeswomen really helped be the “nose” behind the fragrance, which is distributed exclusively by Coty. There is a store locator on the site http://www.heidiklumfragrances.com.

Heidi Klum Surprise

This is a hard fragrance not to love if you are mad for citrusy scents, as mandarin orange seems to be the most dominant top note (at least to my snozz, LOL)! There is a hearty pink pepper finish to this fragrance, but not before the sweet scent of magnolias and roses balance out the tang of the mandarin extracts! Surprise is indeed full of surprises. Heidi Klum knocked one out of the ballpark (or should I say “off the runway”) with this–it’s as full of mystery and romance as she is!  She said that when creating this scent, she wanted to make something that’s as fun for an evening out and for a day spent at the zoo with her kids, and she definitely accomplished that!

The bottle is a retro-modern knockout. It is clear glass and rectangular in shape but then there’s a cool black plastic oval cap and Mondrian style pink and black lines on the bottle going here, there and everywhere. The spray nozzle gives out a generous supply of fragrance and as I have discovered, a one ounce bottle has lasted me three months already doing about six short spritzes per day!

This would be one of my top picks as a hostess or birthday gift because any lady who loves a really fresh scent that mixes flowers and citrus would love it–plus, it’s got staying power thanks to the added milk of sandalwood. I look forward to trying Klum’s other fragrance, Shine, next–its all-gold bottle intrigues me and it mixes pink pepper with pear. My “fragrance-ista” friends tell me it has a “musky edge” so as a child and teen of the 70s, I must “go for it!” [Images via Heidi Klum]

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