It’s that time of year again when we have to put aside all the huffing and puffing, and remember the most important women in all of our lives, our moms!  When it comes to treating her like a queen you don’t always have to break the bank. Here are a few do-it-yourself’s and inexpensive gifts that will make not only make your mother happy but your wallet happy.


The Great Basic: A Great Scented Perfume… 

J’adore Dior, a classic gorgeous scent – available at Sephora, 1.7oz – $80 + Free Shipping

Daisy by Marc Jacobs,  a girly soft scent, floral with a vintage edge – available at Sephora, or –  1.7oz – $62 + Free Shipping! Best Part about Daisy is that they make a roller on-the-go version, for $20.


Clinique Happy, a must-have everyday scent, great for work, its soft, sensual, and not an over-powering evening wear scent. – Available at Sephora, 1.7oz -$46.  Clinique Happy also has a roller on-the-go version of their scent, available for $18.  

The Practical and Useful: Portable, Foldable Purse Hook

A great functional gift for mom! This inexpensive treat not only is easy to carry around, but also helps purses stay off the floor, out of seats, and secure from being knocked around when hanging on the backs of seats at restaurants. Here are a few places to purchase:

Etsy Handmade Purse Hooks – 6 for $100


The Fun and Functional: Flower Pen

The flower pen is one that you can easily make on your own, and not have to spend a lot of time, money, or effort – and still make a cute girly gift for your mom.

Here are step-by-step instructions:

Here is a guided YouTube Video:

The Clean and Reusable: Homemade Potpourri and Candles

If you’re inclined to bust out the creative gene, try making your own homemade candles or potpourri. They are both useful, smell good, and relaxing accents that mom could always find a use for.

Here is a guided YouTube video to making your own homemade candles: 

Here is a guided step-by-step outline for making homemade candles:

Here is a guided video to making your own homemade potpourri:

Here is a guided step-by-step outline for making homemade candles:

Mom always does so much for us, its important to remember, cherish, and sprinkle her with gifts on Mother’s Day. Hopefully the suggestions above help you surprise your mom with some affordable and cute love this year!

Article By: Kamilla Nosovitskaya