Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYFW Lincoln Center

New York is in the middle of fashion week right now, and the models are not the only ones who are dressing their best. When walking in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, you can tell you are getting closer to the Lincoln Center from blocks away. The streets surrounding the Lincoln Center turn into a fashion show themselves. Sidewalks become catwalks and tourists unknowingly become the paparazzi. You don’t have to attend the shows during fashion week to see some great outfits. All you have to do is sit outside in the sunshine by the fountain and you can get a pretty good feel of the entire thing. You might even see a few celebrities as well. We spent some time outside of the Lincoln Center this fashion week and captured some of the wild, crazy, trendy, and amazing outfits that people were sporting to NYFW.

Monochrome fashion New York Fashion Week

We are fans of monochromatic outfits when they are done right. These different shades of red are a bit much, but we still thought this man was pulling it off. And we love the velvet loafers.

Overalls and crop top New York Fashion Week Street Style

Crop tops and dungarees have been an emerging trend this summer, and as the weather cools off we can see it sticking around. Mixing patterns can be fun, again when done right. We love the floral pattern on these dungarees, and we think the small polka dots work well with it. We would tone down on the accessories a bit, but fashion week is all about taking risks.

Giuliana Rancic New York Fashion Week Street Style

Giuliana Rancic looked amazing as always in a leopard print jacket. Perfect for fall.

red dress art shoes new york fashion week street style

Red was definitely a popular color outside of the Lincoln Center. And we absolutely loved these works of art. We mean shoes.

Man in heels New York Fashion Week Street Style

A staple for men at NYFW was a good suit. Tried and true works! We love these velvet heels though.

Gold and black New York Fashion Week Street Style

Is it a coat? Is it a dress? Who knows but we love the gold accent against the black. Just a touch of glam to spice up what could otherwise just be another standard black number.

Skater Skirt New York Fashion Week Street Style

We were happy to see so many skater skits out and about. These skirts, that were everywhere this summer, are great over a pair of tights for fall and winter.

Leather skirt New York Fashion Week Street Style

Along with skater skirts, leather and gladiator style shoes were are popular trends.

Blazer and Beanie New York Fashion Week Street Style

We love this blazer with a beanie look. A fun and casual look for the colder months that we are definitely going to be sporting ourselves.

Patterns and Colors New York Fashion Week Street Style

Bright colors and fun patterns are everywhere. Pair them with a standard, muted bottom for a really sleek look. We love the idea of accessorizing with chuncky over size necklaces. Don’t be afraid to layer it on!

Layers New York Fashion Week Street Style

Speaking of layers. This look is casual and fun. This fall sweaters and sweatshirts will be your best friend. And so will layering.

Headpiece New York Fashion Week Street Style

As we said, at fashion week it is okay to go crazy. Like with this headpiece. However, we love the skater style of this dress, as well as the collar. As seen in the shows this week: collars are not going anywhere any time soon. And we love the addition of the glitzy belt as well.

Glitter Shorts New York Fashion Week Street Style

Again we see gladiator sandals. However, we want to focus on the mixing of patterns and texture. Have fun! Pair stripes with glittery bottoms. Sometimes it might just work. And when in doubt, you can never go wrong with classic lace or crochet.

Gladiator Heels New York Fashion week Street Style

Gladiator heels, once again.

Heels and Shorts New York Fashion Week Street Style

Heels and shorts are a great way to elongate your legs. We love the addition of this vertically striped blazer as well. If you want to look taller, this is a great look for you. Just don’t pull a Robin Thicke and wear vertical strips on the top AND bottom.

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What is your favorite street style look?

All photos by Erin Browne for Haute Talk

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