In case you missed the Super Bowl on Sunday (we don’t blame you if you did), we’re here to catch you up on the most important event of the game: The Halftime Show aka the time Katy Perry did four costume changes, each time with the outfits getting better and better.

All of Perry’s costumes were designed by her good friend and incredible designer Jeremy Scott. Scott sat down with ELLE magazine to discuss where his inspiration for all of the costumes came from, and even gave us some inside information we had no idea about. “Every single outfit had to be vetted and approved by the NFL; they have the final say in her clothes. Isn’t that wild? So the first idea we had was for the flame dress. It’s inspired by a pair of Adidas shoes with leather flames coming out of them.  At first it was going to be wings—after those Adidas sneakers with the wings on the back—but she kept nudging me into the fire. And it worked!”

Perry’s flame dress was a bit on the, erm, boxy side. The internet was fast to point out how much it looked like something out of “Blades of Glory.”

halftime superbowl

But like we said, the costumes definitely got better. While Perry performed “Teenage Dream” she wore an adorable little dress with a beach ball bustier — very Kate Perry.

katy perry halftime show

But we have to say, when Missy Elliot came on stage, we almost died. And while Perry was only wearing a hoodie dress, it actually took a lot of for Scott to create. “Ironically, this look was the hardest to make. It’s also the last one we imagined, because once we found out Missy Elliott was going to be performing with her, I was like, ‘Katy, you cannot be singing ‘Get Your Freak On’ in a giant beach ball bikini! We need to step it up.’ So we referenced Missy’s track suits and came up with this dress. But in rehearsal, it was never oversize enough—when Katy was doing choreography, it would stay up on her hips after she threw her arms up in the air, and it wouldn’t slide back down. But then we couldn’t make it too big, because then it’s not a cute dress, it’s like pajamas. So this sweatshirt, which has such ease to it, was the one that kept me up at night! The reason it says 49 on it is because it’s the 49th Super Bowl.”superbowl halftime katy perry

Perry finished the night in a gorgeous silver star dress as she sang “Firework.” It was the perfect outfit to end a huge accomplishment in her career. katy perry super bowl

So, all in all, Scott did an amazing job. Next time we just hope we don’t see any Will Ferrel references in his designs — unless it’s intentionally, of course.

Head over to ELLE to read the full interview.

What did you think of Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show costumes?