We’re always looking for new beauty secrets or tips to help change up our daily routine. Pretty much all of us have a beauty routine of some kind, even if you aren’t aware of it. When you think “beauty routine,” you probably think of the best makeup techniques and the most effective products to use on your skin. But we are here to tell you that you should also be thinking of your hair! Some of the most common beauty mistakes involve not treating our hair in the right way. It’s crucial that you have some routine when it comes to hair care. Especially considering that we just endured the worst winter in the history of winters (that might sound dramatic, but it really was that terrible), and our hair probably suffered as well. So, we’ve decided to round up a list of general hair care tips to help ensure that your locks stay healthy and fabulous throughout the warmer weather months. Scroll through for hair care tips to get beautiful locks!

Also, if you’re feeling crafty, check out these DIY hair care treatments for all different types of hair!

1. Avoid using the hottest setting on your hair dryer:

hair care tips

A lot of us use this setting because we assume it dries our hair the fastest (I’m guilty of this…), but using the hottest setting on your dryer actually damages your ends. Instead, opt for the warm/medium option on your dryer. It will get the job done and save your strands! You can also towel dry before you blow dry!

2. Don’t excessively brush your hair when it’s wet:

hair care

What qualifies as “excessive brushing” you might ask? Basically, gently running a brush/comb through your hair when it’s wet is fine, but using too much force or brushing too much can cause breakage! It’s better to wait until your hair is mostly dry before attempting to brush.

3. Make sure you’re conditioning/shampooing the right areas! 

hair care

A lot of us make this common mistake, but it’s best to apply shampoo to your scalp and conditioner only to the tips of your hair.

4. Always properly rinse your hair.

hair care

This one might seem obvious, but leftover shampoo/conditioner in our hair can lead to a flaky scalp/dull hair. Spend an extra minute or two in the shower rinsing your hair and making sure there’s no leftover product!

5. Blow dry from roots to ends.

hair care

Another rule about blow drying that I was completely unaware of! Moving your dryer from your roots down to your ends prevents frizz and protects your hair cuticles.

6. Brush in the same direction you’re blow drying.

hair care

Seriously, who knew blow drying was this complicated? When you brush your hair in the same direction as you blow dry, you’ll get smoother hair and also won’t damage your cuticles.

7. Use olive oil to combat dry hair.

hair care tips

Comb a tablespoon of olive oil through your hair once a week to remove frizz and improve your hair’s elasticity.

8. Rinse with cold water after shampooing.

hair care

This seals in moisture and keeps your hair shiny!

9. Fix limp hair with hair spray.

hair care

Flip your head over, apply some hair spray to your roots, and then flip it back.

10. Remove static with a dryer sheet.

hair care

Ever have those days where your hair just seems to enjoy floating up in midair for no reason? Banish staticky hair by pressing a dryer sheet from the roots to the ends of your hair. (Sounds weird, but it actually works!) An added (yet slightly ratchet) benefit: it will make your hair smell nice!

What are some of your favorite hair care tips?

Devon Kelliher is a New York University student pursuing a degree in Communications and Journalism. When she isn't being a student, she's catching a concert somewhere in New York or cheering for her beloved Boston sports teams. She is also known for her tendency to quote movies/TV shows at inappropriate times.