Ladies, there’s something you should know: accessorizing doesn’t have to stop after jewelry and handbags!

Now you can accessorize your hair with these unique pieces from Etsy. Each one is handmade, helping to frame the face with a delicate design. Many of these hair accessories have crystals or pearls to add a bit of sparkle and shimmer. They bring attention to the eyes and give you that boho chic edge that definitely in-season. Dress them up for a black tie event with a flirty gown, or go super casual and throw one on with ripped jeans and your favorite flowy top. Oh, and it’s safe to say these are pretty enough to adorn the head of any bride.

Hair pieces also come in handy on those dreaded bad hair days. If you wake up and find that your hair just ain’t working with you, quickly twirl your locks into a messy low bun, pull out some loose pieces at the front, and add a cute headband! You can go for a nature-inspired wreath-like head piece for a soft and feminine effect, or try a head chain to create some bad gal vibes. There’s a hair accessory for everyone, and our roundup of 9 of our favorites from Etsy is sure to have one you’ll love. Shop our picks below!

handmade hair accessories etsy 6

Crystal and Pearl Halo | ElevenSkiesStudio, $95.00

handmade hair accessories etsy 9

Bohemian Tie Headband | BeSomethingNew, $29.00

handmade hair accessories etsy 1

Gold Leaf Hair Piece | YaelSteinberg, $29.00

handmade hair accessories etsy 2

Crystal Bead Hairband | ThreeBirdNest, $28.00

handmade hair accessories etsy 3

Gold Head Chain | VintageMadeByDucky, $12.80

handmade hair accessories etsy 4

Boho Flower Hair Wreath | JoolaDesigns, $45.00

handmade hair accessories etsy 5

Filigree Head Piece | FREETOBEbyJessica, $16.50

handmade hair accessories etsy 7

Rose Gold Headband | CamillaChristine, $248.00


handmade hair accessories etsy 10

Gold Crystal Forehead Chain | YaelSteinberg, $85.00

Which of these hair accessories is your favorite?

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